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Painting in oils


When I first started painting I bought every imaginable colour of paint. 


When planning to paint a portrait, I saw 7 shades of red/pink in the lips alone, and so bought 7 shades of red and pink (at great expense). 


It took me a while to realise that I can get much better colours and depth by mixing the colours myself, and so now I only use the primary colours and white.


I love painting in oils because the medium is so flexible. 


Unlike watercolours, you can play around with oils; layering colours and shapes and experimenting. 


If it’s not quite right, I just do something else. 


I get excited about the textures that can be created in oils, giving the painting a 3D effect.

Why I paint shoes

Remember that feeling you had as a child when you first put on those shiny new party shoes?  Well that feeling has never left me and I still can’t stop thinking “Ooh new shoes!” when I look at my feet!


I wanted to capture that feeling in my paintings and I think I got a bit carried away, as I must have painted about 50 paintings of shoes and boots. 


The shoes I paint have also became more outrageous. 


Perhaps because I would love to wear them in real life, but have never been good with very high heels.



I particularly enjoyed painting this shoe because it is something I could and would wear, yet is still a little on the wild side.

More shiny things

I discovered that shoes are not the only shiny things that are good to paint.  Sizzling sausages, dripping egg yoke and syrupy pancakes…mmm!

Raining cats and dogs

On a raining day out with my husband and two young children, we met an old black Labrador that stole my heart.  That was the first painting I did of a dog. 


Since then more and more people have commissioned me to paint their furry friends, and portraits of cats and dogs have become another specialism of mine.