So much to paint, so little time


People often ask me “What do you paint?” and “What’s your style?” and I find these questions very difficult to answer.  This is because I will paint anything, and my style is largely dictated by the medium I use.

Painting in oils

I choose oil paints when I want to do a ‘serious painting’.  By that I mean a commission for a customer, or when I want the painting to be a realistic representation of the subject.


You can get a lot of fine detail with oils and for this, I use tiny little 2mm bushes.  So whether I’m painting the legs on a millipede or the hairs on a dog’s face, I can get everything exactly as it should be.



Paining in acrylic

If I’m feeling particularly creative or have limited time, I’ll paint in acrylics.  These dry much quicker than oil paints and so I have to work at speed.  I tend to use much larger brushes, or a pallet knife.  Sometimes I don’t use brushes at all, and just pour the paint on the canvas.




Pencil and pen drawing

If I’m working at home rather than in my studio, and don’t want to make too much mess, then I’ll reach for the pencils and pens.  This can be very meditative, as I get into the ‘flow’.  I often lose track of time and find that I’ve spent 4 or 5 hours working on a drawing.  Research shows that ‘flow activities’ help you develop resilience and encourage well-being and I always feel great afterwards.






Painting in watercolour

Using watercolour paints and inks is extremely satisfying.  I love dropping ink onto wet paper and watching it ‘bloom’ across the page.  I feel like the painting is painting itself!

Where you can find me

On Saturdays and Sundays you will find me at craft markets; usually Wimbledon Piazza (first weekend of each month) or Wimbledon Chase market (every Sunday).  I also trade at Merton Abbey Mills and sometimes at Greenwich market, as well as big summer arts and craft fairs.


I have over 100 of my paintings listed on and you can order exciting things like phone cases, wall clocks and a range of clothing with any picture you like!


My shop (MaggieMosleyArt) has a range of A4 and A3 prints of my paintings and I will post these directly to you free of charge.  You can of course, also buy prints and original paintings from the SHOP page here.

I have exhibitions throughout the year and am a regular exhibitor at Putney Arts Theatre.  I also have paintings in various pubs and cafes in London.  Visit my Facebook page for updates.

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