DRAW stands for 'Developing Resilience and Wellbeing' and involves immersive art sessions aimed at encouraging mindful practice.  Research shows that activities that encourage 'flow' reduce stress and increase resilience; giving participants the ability to cope more effectively with work pressures.


I am a London artist and also a qualified Business Psychologist and have developed the sessions to merge these two approaches to wellbeing.  The sessions are interactive, fun and suitable for everyone (no art ability needed).


I will come to your workplace to facilitate sessions for a group of people from the same company.


I can run regular weekly sessions, or one-off sessions as needed in and around London.  The cost is £300 for one hour and includes all materials (for up to 20 participants).  The sessions can be run any time (over the lunch period, or Friday afternoons being the most popular times).


If you are interested in booking a wellbeing at work art session, or if you have any questions, please feel free to ring me on 07976 223 480 or email info@maggiemosleyart.co.uk.

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